Oxygen, toxic and explosive gas continuous monitoring

Recom Industriale S.r.l. manufactures the Explorer Line for the oxygen, explosive, toxic gas analysis and monitoring in continuous and for the related alarms management. The sensors/transmitters are ATEX certified, while the control and acquisition boards are R.I. Na., ABS and MED appproved.

Recom Industriale's Values
The Company has been working for 20 years in the safety field, with the goal to guarantee the workers' safety adequate conditions; Recom efforts in order to search technologies and solutions for the monitoring and leak control of combustible, toxic gases and Oxygen.

Research & Development and Quality as primary goals
Safety detector design and production require an elevate quality standard finalized to give health and safety to the workers' operating in the industrial, production, marine field. In these last sectors the even-potential gas existence acquires a great risk.
The production process by RECOM INDUSTRIALE S.R.L., guaranteed by the ISO 9001 2008 standards , is strictly linked to the planning and to the test laboratory (RINA Certificate), representing the guarantee of innovation, analysis and control of each component inside a continuous effort, that is destined to ensure the 100% of production.

Fixed Gas detectors, EXPLORER RTC-RTE-RTI series
The sensor transmitters for toxic gas, Oxygen and combustible gases are suitable to work in classified Areas at explosion risk, for example Refineries, combustible deposits, chemical plants and in safe Areas such as depurity plants, laboratories, parkings.
The high reliance and endurance to the atmospheric agents has made the RECOM INDUSTRIALE's gas detection systems adequate to marine applications (ABS-RINA-MED certifications).
These can be perfectly integrated in the automation systems aboard in commercial and military Vessels.

Control Unit: 2-4 channels and GasScreen 160 series
Stability, performances, reliability, plug & play technology, display with touch screen and the modularity are the characteristics defining the RECOM INDUSTRIALE Control Units.
From the easiest version of Explorer 2CH 4-20mA to the most performing power station on the market of GasScreen 160 with 500 channels, the instruments characteristics go through the simplicity of impeccable units inside the Explorer-4, 4 modular channels and Explorer 4 box with traditional technology and reliability when used in very bad working conditions.

Customized Systems and Production A lot of experience in the field and the high engineering capacity and planning commit to the need of building complex measurement systems and gas analysis destined to the specific applications in the environmental conditions and withdrawl of difficult samples.