The Company

Recom Industriale S.r.l. in Genoa is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company, established and operating since 1996 in the field of gas safety. It produces directly and trades in instruments for the gas detection and the personal and environmental dust sampling, through innovative product lines, as an exclusive Company representation and with a specific independent planning and feasible activity.

The structure of our Company is flexible, supported by adequate communication means permitting to manage the planning and document activities.

Our partners have an established and proven track record in the fields of prevention, sampling and gas detectors and among them obviously you can find young, dynamic and motivated people.

An equipped laboratory permits the diagnosis of faults as well as the calibration and the transmitter and gas detector setting. It permits the configuration of all the treated instruments, that are manufactured by operating in ISO-9000 Companies. The Company sets up and builds the gas monitoring fixed gas systems, endowed with catalytic, electrochemicals, P.I.D., IR, CE, ATEX, RINA, ABS and MED certified sensors. In addition, it trades innovative product lines that are destined to safety fields and referred to the gas and dust detection. Recom Industriale trades in portable instruments for polluting and toxic gases, oxygen and flammable gas detection, personal samplers and environmental pumps for airborne dusts, instruments for the air quality control in closed areas, and more. Also we make individual protection means, DPI, autorespirators, breathing apparatuses and filters and both pre-test and Italian Transportation Ministry approved breathalyzers.